1 year Natural

30 Apr

Yay! I took out my kinky twists and i have gained so much length! It’s crazy that today is my 1 year of being natural cant wait for year 2!!!!


Protective style, kinky twists

4 Mar


Hello there followers and those new to my page! I just wanted to do a quick check in with ya’ll. I currently have kinky twist that I plan in keeping until the end of April! (My natural hair anniversary will be in a protective style) I got my kinky twist installed feb 18. And I will be doing repairs here and there when its needed. Hope you like my current style and feel free to comment. 🙂


Kinky twists

24 Feb

This is my new protective style that I will keep until the end of April(try to keep) lol hope you like it comment if you want to know more about my protective style and how I take care of it 🙂



Length check

20 Feb


This is the length of my hair before I got kinky twist(the style I currently have, I will soon put pictures up)
*this is also a length check*


Sunday Frohawk

12 Feb

Sunday Frohawk

This was a quick style I did on 2nd day hair and it only took about 10 minutes. My style I decided to do for church on the previous sunday.