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Protective style, kinky twists

4 Mar


Hello there followers and those new to my page! I just wanted to do a quick check in with ya’ll. I currently have kinky twist that I plan in keeping until the end of April! (My natural hair anniversary will be in a protective style) I got my kinky twist installed feb 18. And I will be doing repairs here and there when its needed. Hope you like my current style and feel free to comment. 🙂


2013 Hairstyles Challenge

4 Mar

This year is going to be different! For one it will be my one yer anniversary on April 22 and I have learned a lot about natural hair. Now that I’ve learned about so many products, hairstyles, hair care methods, healthy hair care regimens and hair types I’m ready to try many hairstyles I’ve seen natural hair inspirations of mine do.

This is my list of hairstyles I’ve always wanted to try that I’m going to do by the end of this year:

-Twist n curl
-Curly fro
-Bantu knot out
-Chunky twist out
-High puff
-Flexi rods
-Curl formers
-Braid out
-Twists n tuck
-Curly frohawk
-Cornrow & Cinnabon updo
-Flat twist twist out
-Side puff
-wash n’ go


Kinky twists

24 Feb

This is my new protective style that I will keep until the end of April(try to keep) lol hope you like it comment if you want to know more about my protective style and how I take care of it 🙂



12 Feb

As you can see from the title I love two-strand twists. There are endless amount of reasons why I love two strand twists but the number one reason I love two strand twists so dearly is that you retain so much length when you do them. When your hair is in this protective style it is protected and is not manipulated often. The reason why natural hair doesn’t grow is that naturals manipulate their hair so much it leads to a mass amount of breakage. Although length retention is a great plus on keeping your hair in two strand twists the health of your hair is very important. When your hair is in two strand twists it’s easier to moisturize your hair and make sure your ends are moisturized. You can easily seal your hair in this protective style as often as you like and while your at it you can dust your ends.

Tips To Get Your Hair To Hang

8 Feb

So I personally have a hard time to get my curls to hang and this is because of length and my hair type but I wont be able to know for sure until I have at least APL length. Although I have trouble with getting my curls to hang does not mean I have heard so tips to take into consideration. I’ve heard tons of tips on how to get your curls to hang but since I;m in a protective styles all the time I’ve never tried it out. I will list some helpful tips I’ve heard on giving you hair some hang time.

1. clip your hair at the roots to get your hair to stay flat and not frizzy and rise towards the sun.

2. Where you two strand twist your hair really matters so try to twist your hair in the way you want your hair to hang.

3. Using heavy products can weigh down your hair and give your hair hang time

4. Putting rollers or perm rods at the ends of your hair weigh your hair down enough for your hair to stay down the whole day.

5. Wearing a scarf at night sets your hair in a down position so when you undo your twists/braids your style stay down.

These are some ways I’ve been told to get your curls to hang but if your curls don’t hang naturally then you have to manipulate your hair in some way whether it be a twist out or a braid out.