Detangling methods

To be honest I’m constantly changing my detangling method but I’m starting to really like these two methods.

Method 1:  I start by sectioning my hair into big braids or big twists. After I’m done sectioning I undo one section and apply leave in from root to tip making sure to put a little more on my ends which is the oldest part of my hair. When I’m done applying enough leave in, i detangle ends with a paddle brush and repeat my steps in each section until I’m done.

Method 2: In my second method i start the same as in the first method. After I’m done sectioning my hair i hop in the shower and let the water run over my hair for a while then I apply conditioner and finger detangle each section making sure to leave some conditioner in my hair. I repeat this in each section then I style as needed with conditioner on my ends.

Hope one of my methods helped ^.^


One Response to “Detangling methods”

  1. Loretta January 22, 2013 at 2:52 pm #

    Method 1 seems to be my favorite because it takes less time LOL

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