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Faux Marley Locs

7 Aug

After drooling over this style for 7+ months I think I’m ready to give them a try. The faux locs I’ve seen on Tumblr are just beautiful and they look so real, I just new i had to try the style. I will be installing these faux Marley locs today and keeping them in for as long as possible. I’ve come to realize that the longer you keep the locs the more realistic they look. I’m actually
considering to keep them in for at least 2 months instead of keeping them in for a month like I usually do I’m trying to challenge how long I can keep and maintain my protective style. I will post pictures of the hair style while I’m installing the style & after maybe even do a length check while I continue to take the manes choice.If you would like to join the 2 month protective style challenge just comment the day you have installed your protective style and continue to watch my future post on maintenence. 


Kinky-Curly Knot Today Review

29 Jul

My 1st Kinky Curly product review is here and I have so much too say about this product, so anyone can make their own decision on if this will be there new staple product or just another useless product under their sink.
-Very thick
-Great detangler
-Smells amazing
– Concentrated, A little goes a long way
-Accessible in Target, Walmart, Whole Foods & Other locations
– Affordable about $11/$12
– As far as I know work on almost all hair textures
– Leaves hair soft
-Can be used as a styler
– When product is first applied it leaves hair soft then hair start to feel sticky for about 30-45 minutes


July/ August Update

29 Jul

Before I start rambling on about my July & August update I want to start this pot by apologizing. I have been “MIA” (missing in action) on my own blog which is going to change from this day forth. I will be making post at least three time a week about natural hair,
styles, protective styling, products, styling tools and more.
Starting this week’s post I will be sharing my July/ August protective style. Right now I have in a weave as a protective style called Brazilian curly that can be bought at your local beauty supply store for $10.00. I installed my weave on July 14 and I plan on keeping it until August 15 while taking The Manetabolism which I started taking July 26. This weave is ideal for any naturalista because you instantly get a new look that may look similar to your natural hair. As of right now I’m loving this weave but I will do a full review of it when I’m taking it down.


Up-Do fro hawk

30 Apr

So on my list of things I want to try before this year ends,I really wanted to try a up do fro hawk kind of thing which I accomplished.



1 year Natural

30 Apr

Yay! I took out my kinky twists and i have gained so much length! It’s crazy that today is my 1 year of being natural cant wait for year 2!!!!

Meet Nesha W.

5 Apr

1. When did you BC or have you been natural all your life?
– I haven’t big chopped, I plan on being a long transitioner or until I reach shoulder length. I like wish I would’ve been natural all my life, but my mom wanted me to have relaxed hair.
2. What is your hair type and some do’s and dont’s you’ve learned about your hair type along the way?
-I don’t kno for sure, but I took a test & it said I was 3c. I learned that EVERYTHING isn’t good for your hair. It isn’t expensive if u get the right products. I’m 14 & I bought ALL the products I needed with the money I EARNED.
3. What does wash day look like for you?
-I would say a wash day is like started at night so I can’t go to sleep while its drying.
4. what are your favorite hairstyles that are quick and easy to do?
-I like weave whole I’m transiting takes stress off & you don’t get tempted to big chop cause you love your hair THAT much. But it helps it grow & it’s a protective style.
5. How do you handle your hair in the morning before school/work!
-I usually put something on like a hat or scarf (if I don’t have weave in.
6. what do you love about being natural?
-EVERYTHING, love spending hours on my hair. I love the way is feels,looks, smells ! It’s a wonderful god given thing.
Instagram and twitter: nesha 911


The Month of April

4 Apr

There is so many exciting things about April! For one on April 20 I big chopped and it will be my 1 year anniversary! If you have read my previous post you know I currently have kinky twists in so this is the month I will undo the kinky twists at the end if April. Because I have had my kinky twists since Feb. 18 I will have a lot of new growth and that means new styles I can try! In one of my previous post I made a list of all the styles I want to try before the year ends and when I try everyone on my list I will protective style for the remaining time (maybe). With over 20 styles I wanna try I will be very busy through April especially because I have a wedding to go to and a week long camping trip! Lol #busy but I hope you can be able to keep up and I hope I can post a lot during this month! Have a great day!