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Faux Marley Locs

7 Aug

After drooling over this style for 7+ months I think I’m ready to give them a try. The faux locs I’ve seen on Tumblr are just beautiful and they look so real, I just new i had to try the style. I will be installing these faux Marley locs today and keeping them in for as long as possible. I’ve come to realize that the longer you keep the locs the more realistic they look. I’m actually
considering to keep them in for at least 2 months instead of keeping them in for a month like I usually do I’m trying to challenge how long I can keep and maintain my protective style. I will post pictures of the hair style while I’m installing the style & after maybe even do a length check while I continue to take the manes choice.If you would like to join the 2 month protective style challenge just comment the day you have installed your protective style and continue to watch my future post on maintenence.