Meet Nesha W.

5 Apr

1. When did you BC or have you been natural all your life?
– I haven’t big chopped, I plan on being a long transitioner or until I reach shoulder length. I like wish I would’ve been natural all my life, but my mom wanted me to have relaxed hair.
2. What is your hair type and some do’s and dont’s you’ve learned about your hair type along the way?
-I don’t kno for sure, but I took a test & it said I was 3c. I learned that EVERYTHING isn’t good for your hair. It isn’t expensive if u get the right products. I’m 14 & I bought ALL the products I needed with the money I EARNED.
3. What does wash day look like for you?
-I would say a wash day is like started at night so I can’t go to sleep while its drying.
4. what are your favorite hairstyles that are quick and easy to do?
-I like weave whole I’m transiting takes stress off & you don’t get tempted to big chop cause you love your hair THAT much. But it helps it grow & it’s a protective style.
5. How do you handle your hair in the morning before school/work!
-I usually put something on like a hat or scarf (if I don’t have weave in.
6. what do you love about being natural?
-EVERYTHING, love spending hours on my hair. I love the way is feels,looks, smells ! It’s a wonderful god given thing.
Instagram and twitter: nesha 911



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