Get featured?!?!

21 Feb

I love blogging about hair but the only problem is I have just two hair types and their a lot more than that! The reason this bothers me is that I would like to relate to any type of natural and since I cant (because I don’t have type 3 or 4a hair) I would love for people to take my place and featured on the blog. It’s okay if your hair is 4b/c because everyone has different ways of taking care of their hair.

How to be featured?:

1. When did you BC or have you been natural all your life?

2. What is your hair type and some do’s and dont’s you’ve learned about your hair type along the way?

3. What does wash day look like for you?

4. what are your favorite hairstyles that are quick and easy to do?

5. How do you handle your hair in the morning before school/work?

6. what do you love about being natural?

*Then send a picture of your hair and you will be featured within 48 hours of sending me information*


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