Top 5 Natural hair tips

5 Feb

These are tips that newly naturals, transitioners and long term naturals need to know. Following these steps are the most basic ways to retain length and be a calm patient natural.

1. use minimal heat

2. keep your natural hair trimmed(I would love to tell you how oftent you should do it but everyone’s hair is different and it also depends on how often you seal but I trim once every 6 months.

3.Do not comb hair when its dry! this is like killing your hair LOL. It breaks and you retain 0 length. You can try detangling on damp, wet or hair that has a good enough amount of leav in.(finger detangling is best.

4. Although I send hair accessories are your best friends in a previouse post you have to make sure their safe to use. something that is too tight around your hair or that pulls on your edges is a no go no matter how cute it looks.

5. Every product that you use should have aqua/ water as a first ingredient


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