Green house effect

24 Jan

The green house effect helps to promote hair growth by creating a natural warm steamy environment that enables the natural oils from your scalp to come out and help your hair grow…it’s also great for dryness because of all the moisture produced. I will tell you step by step how to prepare your hair and do the green house effect. 

step 1:  Apply an all natural oil to your hair( olive oil, jojoba oil, castor oil etc..) 

Step 2: put a shower cap on top of your head then put on a satin bonnet after that put on a beanie. 

Step 3: Go to bed then wake up the next morning and style hair as needed or you can untwist your hair if you were going for a twist out. 

This helps with dry hair become softer and more manageable and it improves your hair growth the most my hair has grown using this method was an inch in one month and i usually get a 1/2 inch a month. If you want to know more check out real queens regimen and she explains it a lot better because she’s the one who discovered it. Also there are pictures of her growth doing the green house effect. 


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