My opinion on protective styling

21 Jan

Protective styling can be a naturals worst nightmare and another naturals best friend. Some naturals use protective styling as a way to grow their hair to new lengths(and heights) while others use it as a way to give their hair a break.

In my opinion protective styling is the best way to retain length, it just depends on how you take care of your hair when in a protective style. Not only can you retain length in a protective style but you can have a lot of different creative styles.There are many protective styles to choose from that can fit ones lifestyle. There are kinky twists, box braids, flat twists, cornrows, buns, two strand twists, mini twists, Havana twists and more(the list is endless. Overall I love protective styling a lot and i doubt I would have as much length as I have now without all the different protective styles Ive done.

Whats your opinion on protective styling?


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